Looking down at the  Bellevue Washington Botanical Garden. Bellevue, Lake Washington, and Seattle are in the back ground.
Looking North at the skyline of Bellvue from the the King County County house.
Looking West over Lake Washington to Seattle and the Olympic Mountains from the Summer Set neighborhood.
The Eastside.  Looking Southwest, The I-90 Express Way is heading into Seattle. The 405 Express Way runs south and north.  Downtown Bellevue is just out of view off to  the right.
A detailed look at the  The I-90 Express Way and 405 Express
Looking North at the Skyline of Bellevue from the Mercer Slough. The Bellevue Mercer Slough Blue Berry Farm is on the left and the nature park is on the right.
Looking South at the Skyine of Belluve from the 
Vuecrest neighborhood. Mount Rainier is off to the right
180' view. Seattle is to the right, Bellevue is to the left. Looking over Lake Washington and Meydenbauer Bay from Clyde Beach Park.
Looking West over the 520 Express Way and the new 520 bridge. Seattle is to the left. On the right side of the 520 bridge is the University of Washington.
Looking West over the I-90 Express bridge and Lake Washington connecting Mercer Island to Seattle in the background.

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